image.jpegWith a team of experts from leading higher institutions of Harvard University, Massachusetts of Technology (MIT) and Babson College, Kiwi International works to understand the dynamics and growth of farming in West Africa, and to translate those insights into more effective value chain development, enhancing policymaking in the region. With over ten years of operation on the continent, Kiwi International is the newest in the group and with collective allies; Kiwi International is expanding operations into the agricultural field in West Africa.
Our current mission includes working with fish farmers to increase production and profitability.

We were created in 2004 as Action Foods, and recently merged with Kiwi International. Kiwi International aims to provide high quality agriculture products to our communities. We also work to increase the standard of living of many citizens through the creation of consortiums and increased buying power. Market women and men and the youth are empowered to not only trade, but are also positioned to lead and build economic viability. Kiwi International is a company dedicated to providing the essential needs of life. We elevate the communities we work in by providing superior products and empowering our local people to achieve sustainable success in agricultural businesses. We provide our markets a foundation of integrity, honesty and holistic values. Within each market, we work with existing co-ops and aim to establish more co-ops, a model aimed at community success. Today, we are broadening our reach across West Africa. Future plans include the East and South African markets as well as South America.


Kiwi International partners with leading universities around the United States, the US Department of Agriculture and Governments of various countries.
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E. Yabba Kwame
US +1 (612) 807 5545
Benin (229) 62 92 95 86
Ghana (233) 54 956 7860
Nigeria (234) 806 110 6741

Michael Corkrum
US + (763) 443 8858
Benin (229) 62 92 95 86
Ghana (233) 54 956 7860
Nigeria (234) 806 110 6741